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Welcome to XinXin Laser, a laser cutting machine manufacturing factory located in Longgang, Shenzhen! Let us provide you with an overview of our factory to showcase its significance, technological features, and market impact.

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    Factory Overview:

    XinXin Laser is a prominent laser cutting machine manufacturing facility situated in Longgang, Shenzhen. With a sprawling campus covering 20,000 square meters, we have a rich history and an outstanding reputation in the field of laser cutting technology in China.

    The alkaline etching machine is used for the outer layer of circuit boards, large-scale double-sided board production, and the production of aluminum substrates. Its alkaline etching process has the advantages of cost-saving and easy control.

    Technological Prowess:

    We take pride in our technological prowess at XinXin Laser, encompassing cutting-edge fiber laser cutting and CO2 laser cutting technologies. We continuously engage in research and innovation to enhance product quality and production efficiency. Our dedicated technical team focuses on cutting-edge research in laser technology to develop more efficient and precise cutting solutions.

    Product Portfolio:

    XinXin Laser produces a variety of laser cutting machine models, offering a wide range of cutting capabilities, high-speed operations, and precision. Our innovative designs support cutting across multiple materials and employ highly automated production processes, providing customers with an exceptional cutting experience.

    Quality Assurance:

    We maintain the highest quality standards and hold ISO quality management system certification. Stringent product quality control and testing standards are in place to ensure that every XinXin Laser cutting machine meets the highest standards.

    Research and Innovation:

    XinXin Laser boasts a creative research and development team that has achieved numerous innovations in laser cutting technology. We actively collaborate with higher education institutions and research organizations, participating in research projects to advance laser technology continuously.

    Market Impact:

    Our products are highly regarded in international markets, exporting to numerous countries and regions. We hold a strong competitive position and market share in the international laser cutting machine market, making significant contributions to the development of Chinese manufacturing and the global market.

    Social Responsibility and Sustainability:

    XinXin Laser is committed to social and environmental sustainability. We implement eco-friendly measures and provide extensive employee training to minimize our environmental footprint.

    Customer Service:

    We offer exceptional customer support and after-sales service, including comprehensive warranty policies, training, and technical assistance, ensuring that our customers can fully utilize our products.

    Achievements and Honors:

    XinXin Laser has been honored with numerous industry awards and accolades, underscoring our outstanding achievements in the field of laser cutting technology.

    In summary, XinXin Laser, as a leading laser cutting machine manufacturing factory, plays a pivotal role in the laser cutting technology sector. We continue to dedicate ourselves to innovation and excellence, meeting customer needs, and driving the continuous development of laser technology.