Electroforming Process

Bright Nickel, Matt Nickel, Black Nickel, High Hardness Nickel

Electroforming systems utilize an electrochemical reaction, similar to electroplating.
It reproduces the shape of the master mold by electrodepositing metal ions onto the floor of the gripper, and excels in dimensional accuracy and transferability.
WETETCH’s electroforming is a combination of “nickel electroforming” and photolithography.
It achieves extremely high dimensional accuracy that cannot be achieved by photolithography.
Immediate processing is used for high-definition patterns, and overhang processing is performed for tiny holes.




Technical features
create ultra-sharp, high-precision parts.
The vertically moving cross-sectional shape of a through hole processed in a straight line.
Process unique shapes such as seamless cylinders and 3D shapes.
Electroformed furniture has anti-mirror, anti-glare, and hardness.
Types of Nickel Electroforming
Bright Nickel (for processing high-precision shapes)
Matt Nickel (anti-glare impact)
Black Nickel (anti-reflection effect)
High Hardness Nickel (for additives requiring hardness equal to or higher than HV550)

Processing example Electroforming type processing Specification
pinhole Bright Nickel straight t=0.015 aperture 0.023
two-step electroforming Bright Nickel straight t=0.2
net Bright Nickel straight t=0.01 aperture 0.015
perforated plate Matt Nickel overhang t=0.03 aperture 0.005
the slit black nickel straight t=0.07 aperture 0.042